How to create a private documentation or provide documentation to frontnend developers who will not edit but only use the APIs

Hi, I’m relatively new to Postman and have the following issue.

As collaborators, my backend team has created the list of APIs which have to be implemented by the frontend team. Is it not possible to provide the frontend team with the documentation without adding them as users in postman?

If this is only possible by publishing the documentation, is it possible to keep that documentation private and not public to the entire world?


I don’t know anyway to privately share outside of your team.

Here is some docs about sharing privately to your team workspace.

I just learned of another way to share with your team.

You could export the collection and then send the collection to the backend team who could import the collection into their own Postman instance. There will be two different instances but they would be able to see the documentation.

Here is the documentation on sharing collections:

Hey Kyle,

Thanks for the update. Yeah, regarding exporting and importing thats a good suggestion but maintaining that would be a nightmare with APIs changing again and getting added/removed constantly.

Cheers, Tushar

Maybe try a Github or Gitlab or some SCM repo integration?