How to avoid sharing apitoken in header across a team


To test an API, I use an API token in the header of each request (stored in my presets). All the requests are in shared collection with the team. The problem is that my APItoken is shared as well.
Is there a way to share a collection with my API token in headers hidden?

Because if an other person of my team runs the collection, it will use my API token.

Or an idea would be that each team member has its own API token and depending the member that runs the collection, it will use his API token.

Thank you for assistance,

Hi there @tlaa - you can store your personal API token in an environment using sessions, and still use your presets if you’d like.

Your question is similar to this one here. Take a look at the example at the bottom of the Sessions FAQs.


Hi Joyce,

Got it! Thank’s !