How to add custom logo in postman documentation which look like rectangle in shape

As per postman, the documentation says the team logo will replace the postman logo in postman documentation. but whenever we upload the team logo it asks or crops the logo in 1:1 radio. but our logo is on the 16:9 radio in size. how to upload a company logo in postman API documentation without getting crop?

Hi @skhaire1997, from what I can see the team logo is a set size. I guess the only option would be to either crop your image or to add space above and below like this;


This would then show the full logo on your documents but would probably be smaller than prefered.

They are the only ideas I have, hope it helps.

When there is no custom logo is provided, the default Postman logo provided is not an 1:1 ratio. But how this can be imposed for the custom logo.