How i can pass the Text key value in parmas tab as a paragraph text in postman request

Hello Team,
I want to send the text filed key value in a paragraph but when i am sending the request it is giving me 400 status code . If i short the text then it is taking . In my project i need to send the Text field value as a paragraph . Please help me out to solve this problem .
Note:- In comment i uploaded the screen shot for reference .

@jeevananthank any idea on this ? i am passing the input through the csv but the source text is taking only few text not the whole paragraph .

@pravinder are you sure that the β€˜Text’ key is a query parameter in your api ?
I assume it has to be sent in the request body.

Typically a 400 error means that you have a malformed request or syntax. I just tried to submit your exact text key/value to my own api and everything works fine. Since I’m not able to reproduce the 400 error using your exact key/value, it leads me to believe that perhaps the malformation is coming from somewhere else. It would be helpful to the the entire list of your params, and possibly even the headers. Something is preventing your API from liking what you are sending it, so it’s a matter of understanding what that is.