Can you send text and file for the same param?

Hello there,
I did not want to bother the community with questions but I could not find an answer that would answer my specific question
I am trying to send a request to my API that would store as “content” both files and text, however when i send the POST request, only the file path gets saved in the database and the request returns an array that is empty, is the problem from postman or my API?

Thank you in advance

Hi! You should be able to use the same name for the keys corresponding to the uploading file and the text.
I tried using Postman Echo and I could see both uploaded file and the text in the response body.

So I believe it may be something to do with how you handle those requests in the backend.
Hope it helps!

Thank you for your reply, ended up messing around and finally decided to separate them (text and images and audio each has their own keys) Hope your answer can help others though