How do I request Token?

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My question:
I am trying to follow this instruction. How do I go about doing it?

Requesting a Token:

  • Use the URL you were provided with the key and secret with the following additions - /rest/api/token
  • To request the token, concatenate the key and secret together separated by a “:” and then base 64 encode it
  • Send that to the URL to get the token
  • The grant_type should always be set to client_credentials
  • The access tokens are good for 5 minutes
  • The refresh tokens are typically good for 30 days

I have following information provided (API Client ID and API Secret):
We have completed the isolved setup for the Beecan Health API testing.
API Client ID: 7b9f39xxxxxxxxxxc1cf77x
API Secret: 2bkFFe8rctsEhNxxxxxxxxxm58n5WupkhGIq6Qx

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
I am trying to use Azure Data Factory, and stuck on this area:

I’ve already tried:
I am not sure where to try to get the Token.

Try and get it working in Postman first. The settings for Azure Data Factory are different, and I doubt anyone here can help with that but can help with trying to get it working in Postman.

You need to create a GET request to the api/clients URL and set the options for the token in the authorisation tab.

In Postman, this should be the following which hopefully you can match up to the instructions.


The access token URL should end with api/token as per the instructions.

Thank you so much for your help.
It seems to be getting the token.
Now, I have a question.
Which one should I choose (Client Authentication)?

This is down to the API. The documentation is a bit lacking.

Use the token to get a list of clients.
Use the URL you were provided with the key and secret with the following additions.

Except for, it doesn’t say specifically how to need to use it in this part as it does in the “requesting a token” section.

It looks like there are only two options, so try both.

All requests are show in the console.log, and this includes the authorisation ones.

You should see two API calls, the first one for authentication, and then the main request. You should be able to see if the authentication request is returning any details or not.

Thank you so much.
I am trying to get a response from a Microsoft engineer on the Azure Data Factory side for an error that I got.
This is link for their support site for my question (as a reference).
They mentioned about using “Basic” instead of “OAuth”, and I am not sure which data source I need to use to pull data. How do we specify that information?
Sorry. API is so new to me, and I am trying to get each clue one at a time.

That error is showing a 404 not found.

Which means it can find the server but cannot resolve the rest of the address.


If the authentication was wrong, you wouldn’t get a 404 not found, but a different code. Usually 401 unauthorised.

I tried connecting to that end point and get exactly the same error.

How is the API restricted? I’m wondering if it has some sort of whitelisting involved on top of the authorisation token.

Sorry. how did you try to connect to that end point?
Don’t you need Client ID and Secret info?
Thank you.

By creating a new request in Postman and adding the URL. I haven’t included the any of the secret info and I expect it to fail. But I was expecting something like you are not authorised.

The error might be correct though. It can’t find that end point as I’m not whitelisted to see it. Which may be the same issue you are having.