Error 401 Unauthorized

I created bearer token for Azure B2C , now how can I use that token to call other APIs.

How does Azure expect you to send the token?

Yes, it does, if all the entries are filed accordingly.

Hey @pranavNathcorp - Thanks for posting your question! I did some research and found some documentation on the Azure site for securing your Azure B2C RESTful services using bearer tokens. You can check that out here: Secure your RESTful services.

In order to further troubleshoot this 401 Unauthorized error, I will need to learn more about how you configured your secure endpoint. Can you walk me through the steps you went through to configure your endpoints? It also might be helpful to check the logs to see if there is any more information about why the endpoint is throwing a 401 error. Once again, thanks for asking the community for help, I look forward to learning more from you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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