How do I re-order individual requests to be displayed before sub-folders in my collection?

Describe the bug
We have two sub-folders and two individual requests displaying in our Postman collection, all contained within one folder (called “v1”). I can’t seem to re-order the requests so that the two individual requests (“Authenticate” and “Status”) appear before the two sub-folders (“Options” and “Leads”).

I need this because in our Postman documentation, the Authenticate and Status requests should be discussed first, before the Options and Leads requests.


Expected behavior
I’d expect to be able to re-order the individual requests above the sub-folders - or at least, re-order them in our Postman API documentation.

App information (please complete the following information):

  • App Type: Native App
  • Postman Version 7.2.2 (7.2.2)
  • OS: macOS Mojave

Any help would be much appreciated!

@carmen.chung - You’ll have to move those individual requests into separate folders and then move those folders above the Options and Leads folders.

There isn’t a way to move the requests above the folders as of now.

Something like this:

Or you can make a new folder maybe call it ‘Pre-requisites’
and add Authenticate and Status to that folder and then followed by the other two folders separately.

Got it, thanks for the help!

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