How can we delete bulk contact export ids from postman

How can we delete bulk contact export ids from postman.

For example,1,1,1,1 ?


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This is a very contextual question, with you holding all the context :smiley:

Could you explain this in more detail, please? If you have visual examples or what your current method of doing is is, that would be extremely helpful.

So sorry, thank you for your response.

I basically want to delete the bulk export dependency of a contact field record. I am able to do it successfully for one single record however my question is how can I bulk delete all the bulk export ids from one single query instead of using one by one.
API for single record - - Its working.

API for multiple record not working when I am using the same API separated by commas -,122,123

Hope I am able to explain better.

This will be down to the specific API and whether it allows the bulk deletion of that element.

This will be a case of reading the API specification for that method.

Do you have the API specification that you can share?

Otherwise, it will be a case of looping over the request to achieve the same end goal. Please search the forum for examples of looping over requests.

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