Delete multiple data using Postman

Does anybody knows how to delete multiple records using Postman, I mean…generally I can use the method DELETE for a single data or register however for several or more then one option I have no ideia how to do it.
I’ll be glad if someone could help me on that.

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The best way to do this, and can be done RESTfully. If you are creating an API and you want to allow mass changes to resources, you can use REST to do it, but exactly how is not immediately obvious to many. One method is to create a ‘change request’ resource (e.g. by POSTing a body such as records=[1,2,3] to /delete-requests ) and poll the created resource (specified by the Location header of the response) to find out if your request has been accepted, rejected, is in progress or has completed. This is useful for long-running operations. Another way is to send a PATCH request to the list resource , /records , the body of which contains a list of resources and actions to perform on those resources (in whatever format you want to support). This is useful for quick operations where the response code for the request can indicate the outcome of the operation.

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