Delete data using using API

User question:

I need assistance or step by step walkthrough on how to delete/remove all data within External Training in Docebo. They do not offer bulk or mass deletion through their LMS and they suggested using API. I created a free account with you but need guidance on how I place a call to Delete all data within External training in order to start over in uploading correct data.

@francis We may need a bit more information on what exactly you are trying to accomplish. Maybe a link to some docs?

I am not sure if you have stopped by our Learning Centre or not but it may help you with what you are looking to do -

Our LMS is Docebo. I uploaded over 280,000 items in their External Training App. I need to remove all of those items as they are not correct. The issue is that Docebo only lets you delete one at a time and that is very tedious. Docebo recommended me to use API to delete the items more efficiently. And I need assistance. I am not sure if I am using the correct URI or URL to get info and then delete using postman. Are you familiar with Docebo software and can you assist with step by step instructions? And Do i have to purchase a monthly membership to do so? I am barely getting familiar with API so this is all new to me.

@v3g I am not familiar with Docebo’s API’s but I assume you should be able to make a call and pass in either a single document ID or a list of them?
If so I think there are a couple of ways we can solve this.

If it’s via a single document, if you are able to put a list of the documents in a CSV. You can then pass that in on the runner and it will iterate through the list.

The other option would be to pass that list in through a single bulk call in their API if they support something like that. However due to the sheer number of documents I am not sure if this is something that can be done in a single call or need to be broken out into many calls (this is assuming they have a number of documents that can be passed in this operation)

Can you provide us with a link to their docs or give us some additional information on above?
I am sure we can help you find a solution :slight_smile: