How can I get new access token for OAuth 2.0 for accessing Twitter API v2?

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My question: getting new access token in postman for OAuth 2.0 to access twitter data in Twitter API v2

Details (like screenshots):
I was trying to get new access token in postman to access Twitter data through the Twitter API v2. I was following the procedures by entering the necessary information in the page as indicated below. I have also included the access token, the client id and client secret.

How I found the problem:
Finally I obtained the following errors as shown in the screen shots

I’ve already tried: I have already checked the popup block in the settings of my browsers

Hi @biadgilgn

Have a look at this thread;

Hello @w4dd325
Thank you so much for your support. I have already obtained the following from the Twitter developer app: API Key, API Key Secret, Bearer token, Access token, Access token secret, Client ID, Client secret. The last two are for the Academic API use. Are there any other access tokens I have to obtain? Can you help me more what you mean is by “setup a Twitter”?

Which API endpoint are you trying to access?

Could you share the documentation link?

Twitter API v2 - Search Tweets - Full-archive search
In the Authorization, I use the type “OAuth 2.0”

The bearer token generation in that collection is in the ‘collection level’ pre-req script / variables.
Have you set up yours in the same way?

I was following the default setup. I did not even see any options available. Would it also be related to the callback URL? I was not clear about it and I gave “” as a callback URL in the User Authentication Settings of the twitter developer API.