Having troblue geting access_token,"OAuth 2.0 request timed out. Please try again"

My question:
I’ve used postman before to call the twitter API, via the bearer variable.It worked.

Today I wanted to learn how to use OAuto 2.0 so I could post tweets, and I followed the official Twitter instructions to configure the parameters in both Twitter Developer Platform and postman.

After clicking “Get New Access Token”, postman can pop up the authentication page.

However, after I authorized the token, I was prompted with “Authentication complete”, but postman kept showing “Get new access token”, and after about a minute, I was prompted with " Authentication failed
Couldn’t complete authentication. check the Postman Console for more details."

I’ve already tried:

1.Cheeck the offical document
2.Google the ansewer
3.Disable ssl certifaction verariation in postman settings