Help with Past Date Ranges


I’m very much a beginner with using Postman (and API’s). I’m trying to understand how to change the date range here for Pendo API pull. Essentially, I want to pull the last 90 days but starting from 12/1/2022 and not “now”.

                "firstDay": "now()",
                "dayCount": -90,
                "groupBy": "account",

This will be down to API and reviewing the API documentation.

There is a few hits for PENDO on the web. Which one is the correct API, and which request are you trying to make?

I think it’s Engage API.
I’m just trying to change the date range but it seems very complicated.

Think is not really going to cut it.

We need to know exactly which API and request you are using, and the link to the relevant documentation.

As I mentioned, there are too many hits, and I don’t know which one is correct.

As far as I can tell, the documentation I have seen has examples and should include the details you need.

If you share the correct details, I will take a look.