Postman TodayDate variable to get past dates

Hi, so I’m stuck on creating a new variable for a past date. I currently have a global variable:

Instead of creating a bunch of different global variables for 5 days back, 10 days back and so on I was wondering what I can do with my todayDate variable to set a new local variable as 10 days back?

I know i could just do something like this: pm.globals.set(“yesterdayDate”,parseInt(moment().subtract(1, ‘days’).format(“YYYYMMDD”)))
but was thinking i could use my todayDate variable and manipulate that ?


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@mattschmitt Welcome to the Community :partying_face:

You can use dynamic past date if there’s no specific req to the past date here. This will create new past data for every run

pm.environment.set("randompastdate", pm.variables.replaceIn('{{$randomDatePast}}'));
 let pastdate = pm.environment.get("randompastdate");
pastdate = moment(pastdate);
pm.environment.set("pastdate", pastdate.format("YYYYMMDD"));

Yes we can do like this.

var pdate = new Date();
pastdate = moment(pdate);
pm.environment.set("pastdate", pastdate.format("YYYYMMDD"));

So it depends on your req, Please let me know if you are still facing any issues :blush:

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@bpricilla Thanks for the response. Sorry I’m pretty new to this but I have to get 10 days back from todaysDate so it does have to be a specific date.

What i have below does not work but could i do something along the lines of it do you know ?

// pm.variables.set(“tenDaysBack”, pm.globals.get(“todayDate”).subtract(10, ‘days’).format(“YYYYMMDD”))


@mattschmitt No problem :blush: I thought any past date would work for you.

So please try the below snippet then:

const moment = require('moment');
const today = moment();
var todayDate = today.format('YYYYMMDD');
pm.globals.set("todayDate", todayDate);

var tenDaysBack = moment().subtract(10, 'days');
pm.globals.set("tenDaysBack", tenDaysBack.format('YYYYMMDD'));

Please let me know if you still face any issues here :slightly_smiling_face:


@bpricilla thanks so much for the help ! That works great ! your the best !


People helping people! I love to see it :slight_smile:

@mattschmitt if the above suggestion from @bpricilla worked for you, would you mind marking it as the solution so others can find it quickly?


Great to hear :blush: Cheers!! Happie Testing :partying_face: