Help creating a proxy to log traffic between router and http:80 traffic directed to local IIS

Using DYNDNS I am directing a mobile web app to my in house router.

Router has been configured with entries to provide a static ip for the test laptop.
Router has port 80 directed to the static ip of the laptop.

On the laptop I am running an instance of IIS (10.0.17134.1).
The IIS instance has a website with a web api installed which is designed to communicate with the mobile app.

All traffic works as expected having no issues with apps communicated, even able to use Visual Studio to attached to the IIS process functions.

I am confused on how to setup a postman proxy that will display requests flowing thru Postman to IIS and responses from IIS back out Postman. I would like to display them in order in the history tab if possible. I see in the docs there are 2 type of proxy configurations, but need a little help on determining which is the correct to use for this situation. Thanks.

I have a local version of IIS on my laptop hosting a simple web api

Hi @jakruzl,

You’ll have to use another proxy. I have one that I use for this purpose, written for Node.js, here:

client -> router -> Node.js-proxy -> postman-proxy --|
response                                             |
client <- router <- Node.js-proxy <- postman-proxy --|

Set your Postman proxy settings to record to History.

Hope that helps!



So, I think I am doing something wrong for sure. So outside communication is forwarded to the laptop on port 80. I ran your node script and got the following results.

I made sure postman is set to proxy like this.

My IIS is still set to receive traffic on port 80.
The app ran fine but I don’t think that postman or reverse proxy script where involved in the communication.

I’m a not setting up addressing or port forward correctly?

Hey @jakruzl,

You’ll have to forward port 80 from the router to port 3100 on your laptop (the port hosting the Node.js proxy).