Hash Creation in Postman

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we are using the marvel developer APIs for QA hiring purpose but we observed hash issues, who we will create the hash in the API.
You can create account from “https://developer.marvel.com/account” website if doesn’t have already.

End Point: https://gateway.marvel.com:443/v1/public/characters
Error occurred and says

To remove error, we need to give the public key as a parameter as highlighted below

When I added public key as parameter, I got the error as “hash unavailable”
Could you please suggest how we can create hash parameter

I found something from google but not exact the same

  • hash - a md5 digest of the ts parameter, your private key and your public key (e.g. md5(ts+privateKey+publicKey)

Could someone please let me know I can create hash from timestamp, private and public key.

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Actually, it asks you to send ts (timestamp) and apiKey and hash when sending requests. If the API key will be your public key hash, it should be timestamp + privateKey + publicKey as you said.

https://www.md5hashgenerator.com/ you can generate a sample hash here.

You can easily access information from this document. https://developer.marvel.com/documentation/authorization

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Thanks, Got the missing points.
Definitely let me connect you for the hiring process :slight_smile:

Just for the reference, I created pre-request Script too.

const public1=pm.environment.get("public");
const private1=pm.environment.get("private");
const time=pm.environment.get("ts");
hash= CryptoJS.MD5(time+private1+public1).toString();
pm.environment.set('hash', hash);

Do you have any idea why we can not go ahead with timestamp value as “{{$timestamp}}” to get the system generated values?

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This would need to be replaced with const time=pm.environment.replaceIn("{{$timestamp}}"); if you wanted to use that dynamic variable in the request.

Script as

const public1=pm.environment.get("public");
const private1=pm.environment.get("private");
const time=pm.environment.replaceIn("{{$timestamp}}");
hash= CryptoJS.MD5(time+private1+public1).toString();
pm.environment.set('hash', hash);

Nope, Error introduced as

    "code": "InvalidCredentials",
    "message": "That hash, timestamp and key combination is invalid."

Without knowing what ts was in the environment variable and why you needed to change this to {{$timestamp}} - This code doesn’t really mean anything.

The code will create something with a timestamp, using that dynamic variable.

const public1 = pm.environment.get("public"),
    private1 = pm.environment.get("private"),
    time = pm.environment.replaceIn("{{$timestamp}}"),
    hash = CryptoJS.MD5(time + private1 + public1).toString();
pm.environment.set('hash', hash);


It feels like using something that you don’t know how to use, as a portal for hiring someone new seems strange.

Thanks @dannydainton.
Yup, Strange but org. looking into different perspective.

Anyway thanks for the solution. I was just looking for different views on ts hard code value as “1” and timestamp system generated encrypted code.

use MD5 HASH Generator to generate sample hash for testing.

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