Generate a hash in pre-script

Hey, how do I generate a hash for a signature in the prescript with the following inputs? The end result needs to spit out: signature = BASE64 ( HASH ( http_method + url_path + salt + timestamp + access_key + secret_key + body_string ) )

Screenshot 2020-08-27 at 12.09.23 PM

I’m pulling the signature through into the header with {{signature}}.

I have tried with the keys/values in the headers and body, what am I doing wrong? Also, how can I check the output of a “Pre-script request”?

I’m able to do it in python through an IDE without any worries but haven’t been able to replicate via Postman.



You did not actually mention what is not working, what is being sent…

I would check the value of the signature, once the “computation” is done.