Hash MD5 Sign in Postman

My question:
We are using the Uno developer APIs for QA hiring purpose but we observed hash issues, who we will create the hash in the API.

End Point: https://auth.mattel163.com/account_v2/public/api/v1/account/login/mail

Error occurred and says

I found something from google but not exact the same

  • hash - a md5 digest of the ts parameter, your private key and your public key (e.g. md5(user_name+password+app_id)


Could someone please let me know I can create hash?

Hello @krystlerussell, Welcome to the community :magic_wand:

Are you talking about generating MD5 hash within the Postman application? Then yes, it is possible. You can use Crypto JS’s MD5 function, within postman directly CryptoJS.MD5(message).toString();.

Also, you can check the Postman collection on Crypto JS for more information.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face: