Hang ups in some Windows apps while using Postman

This is a very strange one and I’m sure it’s not specifically Postman causing it but I’m trying to find the cause and a fix, and Postman is one trigger.

I’m running Windows 11 Pro and develop .NET software. I have desktop Postman installed.

Recently in last couple of months, whenever I open Postman and make any request to an endpoint, if I then run a build in Visual Studio or from command line with ‘dotnet build’ it will hang during the build. As soon as I close Postman, the build continues!

It’s not just builds. The application I’m working on is an ASP.NET Core app (.NET 6 web service with a React web app using REST API and SignalR) and the connections in the web app start hanging. Again, close Postman and everything is fine.

I think it’s not Postman specific, because I’ve found almost the same problem if I use Windows Sandbox. While that is running the same hang seems to occur. Close it and it clears.

If I use Postman in a browser, there isn’t a problem (so there’s a workaround).

This wasn’t happening until recently however.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this and may have a clue what it is or suggestions. So far I’ve only noticed Postman desktop app and Windows Sandbox causing the issue. Maybe they are different issues causing similar symptoms, or maybe something is connected. It could be something in a Windows update even.

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That does sound quite strange - It’s not something that I have personally seen before. :thinking:

You could take a look through our issue tracker (There’s a mixed bunch of items in here, both feature request and issues) to see if someone has mentioned is before.