Guys,help me out! pls

Guys,help me out!

In my test collection,i face some errors,so someone help me with that as well. Here,is my collection link - [image]

Hey @sparti
I ran your collection in my environment and you need to make the following adjustments:

  1. The folder “2. Scripting and Collection Runs” is incomplete, I suggest you go back to this step because some validations are missing in the requests and in the folder itself;
  2. In the “3. Skill check” folder in the “Auth” tab you must remove the single quotes from


  1. After doing steps 1) and 2) delete the collection link and generate a new one and validate again in the “Test collection” request to check if your collection will pass.

Made the above adjustments, if you keep giving an error, you put it here that I’ll help you, because I may have forgotten some item :wink:

i’ve already redone the “2. Scripting and Collection Runs” already,so can you be even more specific?

like which sub division exactly i should look at?

@cmnazario can u let me know like which sub division exactly i should look at?

as i have rerun it already?

Hey @sparti
The problem in the “2. Scripting and Collection Runs” folder was that the “Test” tab was missing validations

But it’s important to remember that you delete the collection link and generate a new one so that the Postman validator picks up the new collection changes.

When you finish the changes put the print of the errors you are taking here if it persists :wink:

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how to edit the text in documentation here?or where’s the text in documentation here?

@cmnazario Also, how to generate a new collection link ?

Hello @sparti ,

Okay, first point, did you make the adjustments in the step of folder 2?

If so, generate the new link so that the changes you made are validated.

To generate a new link you can click on the trash that is on the same screen where you generated the collection link, then generate a new collection link and validate it in the “Test Collection” request so we can see if there is still mistakes.

@cmnazario This is the updated collection link -
I’ve made changes in the 2nd folder(Scripting & Run) as you said,
As the snapshot linked says, i have cleared 8 tests on 11.Kindly help me with the ways that has to be carried out to clear those as well.

Hello @sparti :raising_hand_woman:t4:

I accessed your collection and your changes were not shown to me here…
But let’s go!
Apparently there is a lot to be done in step 2 (Folder 2), I suggest you follow the step by step of this part from the request “Get all player” because the errors are being generated due to lack of information in this specific part.

1st To solve error 8 =>

Set env variable from script and set next request | AssertionError: expected to have a length above 0 but got 0

a) The error is occurring because code is missing from the “Test” tab of the “2. Scripting and Collection Runs” folder.
In this folder, the training requires that you put a specific test validation so that you can see that any validation that is defined there will be executed on each request that is inside that folder;

b) There is a condition missing in the tab “Tests” of the request “Get specific player” which is inside the folder “2. Scripting and Collection Runs”.
This condition says that if the value returned in the “played” property is less than 750 it will call the request “Get all players”.

If you redo this part of the training looking specifically at this part you will be able to solve it :wink:

2nd You need to create an environment because in the second part of the training (Folder 2) it uses an environment variable and passes this variable as a parameter in the request “Get specific player”.

If you do this you get to pass error number 7 =>

Used variables | AssertionError: expected to have a length above 0 but got 0

3rd Finally, after all the changes I described above, you send the request “Skill check” twice (In the first one it takes the value and fills the environment variable and in the second it saves the answer changing the Skill checker to complete).

After all these changes you delete the collection link and generate a new one and validate the request “Test collection” which is in the folder “3. Check Progress”.

My goal is to give you guidelines for you to complete the training by understanding the process, so I didn’t put in what codes are missing.
If you have any more questions or errors, let me know that I’m available to help you :wink:

Hey! thanks but still i get 2 errors,though i change it to new environment for “get specific players” folder and then run skill check twice,i get these errors.

Here is my updated collection link - Can u check once again and let me know ?

in your 2nd test , its saying that array to have length above 0 , means ur array is empty please try to add some value . That might help u in this case.

And in ur 5th test case , ur array[5] should include skilled value which is missing at positon 5th of ur array , add this value. I think that will help uh out

I got it done! Got the expert badge as well. Thanks for all your help. It really means a lot!!

Sathya priyaa R