Added request description | AssertionError: expected [] to have a length above 0 but got 0

How can i solve this??
Need Help

Please add the code which caused the error :cry::cry:

Also the response body you trying to validate , and also any other information that you deem important to debug the issue

Hi, I have the same issue as above, can you help me?

Hi @lunar-module-archite,

It sounds quite similar to this issue on StackOverflow, the solution copied below:

This error occurs in the Student Expert training, when verifying whether you have completed all of the tasks that were requested. Specifically, it relates to this element of the Get specific player request:

Before you continue with scripting, add a description to this request—the description will appear within the collection documentation, which you would use if you were e.g. publishing an API for public use. In the Postman app, at the top of this request tab, to the left of the request name, expand and and click to edit. Add a short description of the request (you can use markdown) and click Save. If you’re using the web version, use the little documentation icon to the right of the request.

The test is looking at the Get specific player endpoint and checking whether a description has been set: expected [description] to have a length above 0 but got 0. If you add a description, save, and regenerate your public collection share link, the test will pass.

It works, thank you so much!

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