GitHub Universe (San Francisco/online), Nov 8-9, 2023

Meet Postman in San Francisco (or virtually) on November 8-9, 2023 at GitHub Universe. Universe brings together the world’s developers, enterprise leaders, and security professionals for two days of interactive sessions on AI, security, and the developer experience.

:mega: Stop by the Postman booth for some developer swag :socks: :tshirt: , and don’t miss these Postman sessions:

:rocket: The future state of APIs
Ankit Sobti, Co-founder and CTO, Postman
APIs are poised for a transformative future, evolving to meet the needs of our interconnected, data-driven world. With IoT, AI, and distributed systems proliferation, APIs will be pivotal for seamless tech communication. Expect advancements in API automation, AI-driven management, and robust security. Standardization and growing ecosystems will boost collaboration. APIs aren’t just innovation enablers; they’re the backbone of an efficient, agile, global economy.

:handshake: Revolutionizing API development: Collaborative workflows with Postman
Isaac Cohen, Head of Field Engineering, Postman
There are many pitfalls of siloed API development processes such as subpar APIs, delayed releases, and duplicated efforts. Join us to explore how Postman’s collaborative workflows address these challenges head-on. We will look at how Postman features like Workspaces and Collections allow API teams to work together effectively while also accelerating the time it takes to consume your API. The seamless integration with GitHub Enterprise & GitHub Actions further streamlines the development process, fostering high-quality API development and expediting release cycles.


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