AWS re:Invent, Nov 27 - Dec 1, 2023

Experience the evolution of API development with Postman at AWS re:Invent 2023!

Join Bryan Cross and Mark-Christian Reid, strategic solutions engineers at Postman, as they delve into “Revolutionizing API Development: Collaborative Workflows with Postman.”

Discover how to overcome the challenges of siloed API development with Postman’s tools. Learn about enhancing team collaboration, streamlining onboarding, and integrating smoothly with Amazon API Gateway. Gain insights into best API practices and quicker release strategies.

:rocket: Revolutionizing API Development: Collaborative Workflows with Postman Bryan Cross & Mark-Christian Reid, strategic solutions engineer, Postman
Unlock the full potential of your API teams with Postman’s collaborative tools. This talk will spotlight the efficiency of Workspaces and Collections, illustrating how they promote teamwork and expedite the onboarding of new API consumers. Discover how seamless integration with Amazon API Gateway can transform your development lifecycle, leading to superior APIs and faster release cycles.

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