Postman & apidays 2023 - Dubai & Middle East, Singapore, New York, Helsinki, Australia, London & Paris

Is Postman coming to an apidays near you?

:wave: Stop by the Postman booth and say hi!

  • Dubai & Middle East (February 22-23rd) - How to Reduce Development Time with API-First @arlemi
    Maximize development velocity through API-First practices. Learn tactics for efficient code generation, seamless integration & successful app sharing.
  • Singapore (April 12-13th) - TBA
  • New York (May 16-17th) - TBA
  • Helsinki & North (June 5-6th) - TBA
  • Australia (October 11-12th) - TBA
  • London (November 15-16th) - TBA
  • Paris (December 6-7th) - TBA

What is apidays? :thinking:

Apidays is a hybrid in-person and virtual series of conferences that discuss the future of APIs. Technical advancements and success stories across various aspects of the API landscape will also form part of the event.