Getting value NullPayload result in my REST call

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My question:
How can I troubleshoot a body result from postman with value: {NullPayload

Details (like screenshots):
I’m running a GET call using Postman and call a web service; we are getting in the results the below value:


Does anyone has seen this issue before?

How I found the problem:

I’ve already tried:

Hey @sumacasu - welcome to the Postman community :slight_smile:

I personally haven’t seen that before, but I think we’ll need more details to get you some help. Can you provide a screenshot or code snippets of what you’re trying to do? If you’re able to do so, posting a public collection would be helpful to troubleshoot. Here’s how.

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The response is from server you should check the server side , is it a public api if so please share the link