Response.json returns null value

So, as title said, I’m trying to retrieve a certain value from the response body, however what I get right now is a null value for some reason.
Is it because of “The console only shows bodies smaller than 10 KB in size. To view the complete body, inspect it in the Builder window.” ?
I’m using console.log to check the json response and the value is real, however if i try to set it to a variable, it returns as null?

Also, the body seems to start with “0:(…)”
How do i go around to call it? pm.response.json() ?
it does not work with numbers

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Hi @theToncheff, your response looks like an array—the first index will be 0. If you want to extract a value from the first item in the array, you’ll need to use the js array syntax with the index e.g. [0].


Yes, thank you. It worked

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