Getting Error (node:43952) [DEP0061] DeprecationWarning: fs.SyncWriteStream is deprecated

I have a GET request which runs OK using ‘SEND’ in interactive development, but gives this error (developer tools) when its the first iteration of a sequence-of- a- few requests, further iterations of the sequence work OK with no errors.

Windows 10 PC (Node 11.8.0), Postman 7.2.2

Any ideas?

I went back to LTS node v10.16.0 problem is still there. Also noticed that If I Retry to run the collection a number of times, it works on all the retries, it seems just to be related to starting the first run

OK I found an error in my data file. Which was the root of the problem, I was getting ‘401 Unauthorized’ rather than the expected ‘200 OK’

My Tests, were extracting a value from the response, and setting that as an environment variable for use in subsequent request. However, I was not programming defensively and was still trying to extract the value and push it into the environment, when the response was ‘401 Unauthorized’.

Panic Over!