How to resolve error 401 Unauthorized in Postman

Why am I getting 401 error when I run in Runner and when I run the same script individually its working fine.

Hey @pranavNathcorp

Do the other requests use the same Authentication?

What is the response body for that 401 requests? Are there any pieces of information in the response, that could give you an idea about what’s happening?

Hello @dannydainton

Yes, I am using the same Authentication for all of the APIs.

Its showing request body Unavailable.

What does the response body of the requests that return a 401 code say?

Is there any type of rate limit for those endpoints that block a certain amount of requests in quick succession?


No , there is no rate limit.

Can you enable the checkbox (The image shows the default unchecked state) in the run options, before you start the run, then check what’s returned?

Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 09.34.15

Are any of the individual requests in an unsaved state in the builder? Ensure that everything is saved before running the Collection.

Yes, Its enabled

No it isn’t, you need to check that Save responses box.


You need to expand on everything that you’re responding with here - An image without any context about what else you have done doesn’t really help here.

What is returned in the response one you run that collection again?

Did you check to see that all the requests in the collection are saved?

It’s super difficult to help resolve anything when you can’t see what’s happening in front of you. :smiley: