Get the body of an Incoming Webhook

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My question:
What is the best way to see the data being posted from an incoming webhook that will run a specified collection? I created a collection webhook to run from a TestRail event, and I would like to verify that I am indeed receiving the information sent from this webhook to Postman. The official docs say that I can use the globals.previousRequest object in the pre-request script, but when I trigger my webhook from TestRail, no body data is present when I redirect it to the console. I don’t even get console information from these runs that are triggered by the webhook.

Details (like screenshots):

Following the documentation for incoming webhooks here: Trigger collection runs using webhooks | Postman Learning Center

How I found the problem:
Following the doc found here, using a webhook from an external system to launch a collection, and expecting to be able to test/validate the post response body that is incoming to my collection.

I’ve already tried:
Reading and following the docs, googling for similar issues, reformatting the ‘console.log(JSON.parse(pm.globals.previousRequest))’ call in the pre-request script, and moving content from the pre-request script of the collection to the request, and keeping it in both spaces.