Get Method Webscraping a Map

Hi, maybe someone can help me :slight_smile:
I want to change the value of “radiusInKm” in 1000 but I don’t know how. The Params dont include the key radiusInKm and on the website there is no possibility to change the radius? Is it even possible to change the value? I am very grateful if someone helps me. I’m about to have a mental breakdown :smiley:

If I can’t change the value, only locations within a radius of 30km are displayed . And I want to see more.

I’ve tried everything in my power. Here is a Screenshot…

This isn’t a Postman issue per se.

This will be down to the API. The API will have to support this option.

You haven’t included a link to the website or any details on the API or documentation. So, we can’t check for you.

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