Trying to adjust a zip and radius in an old GET call - returns "bad request"

Hi all,

I found an API link online that allows you to query zip codes within a certain radius. The link works as written (see below), but I’m having trouble adjusting the query to another zip code and radius. When I try, I get a “400 bad request” error.

Details (like screenshots):
Call found online (working): This was for a request of all zip codes within 30 miles of 95050:

What I did was replace any instance of 95050 with another zip code to test, example 33431, but that returned the error:

I’ve also tried contacting the OP, but noticed he hasn’t responded to queries in 2 years, so I don’t have high hopes of hearing back.

Hi @asrch,

Looks like there’s something wrong with your URL.

Try instead.

That works! So if I need to use a different radius, how would I make that adjustment?

Taking a look at their webpage, it looks like you can do something like this:

Okay, that works, though I can’t go higher than 100 miles, and it’s limited to 100 results. Are those controlled outside of the request?