Get a filename from a form-data request body field


To upload a file, my API needs a POST request with the following fields filled out correctly:

  • file_name: the name of the file once in the repository,
  • file_content: the binary content of the file.

This is how I write it in cURL :
curl https://{{url_api}}/entite/{{entity}}/document/{{document_id}}/file/fichier_metadata -X POST -F file_name=metadata.json -F file_content=@"files\metadata.json"

I was able to do the same in Postman using a form-data body:

It works perfectly fine. However, is there any way to avoid manually entering the “file_name” field value? I’d like Postman to fill this field with the name of the file I’ve selected in the “file_content” field.