Reg how to upload form data file in request body

I am working on a API where it takes the file as the parameter , i am able to upload the file as form data in the postman and get the expected response, but in my SSIS tool we have a exclusive API tool to call API task which has a field Payload , how to pass a local file in the payload

Hi @harivenkat75026.

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Are you able to pass this file to the API as a base64 in the body of the request?

the above image represents the API,

in body should i need to give the request
{“File”:“base64 string of the file pasted here”}

will this work
this is the task that we use to access api

Hi @harivenkat75026.

Is your question Postman related? I am not familiar with the shared platform(s), so I can’t say for if that will work or not. I’ll be more than happy to help with Postman related issues.

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