Galaxy API's 101 check progress public link returns HTML not JSON

I see some other people had this problem in the thread here but I tried all that and nothing is working. I followed these examples after saving the workspace itself, all the steps, etc: “When you are ready, carry out the following steps to check your collection for completeness. Make sure all of your requests are saved. Select the Galaxy APIs 101 collection and click Share > Get public link > get or update the public link, and copy the URL. Open the request in the final folder in the collection: Check progress > Collection status and paste your collection link in as the request address. Click Send and open the Test Results .”

This is what I see when I try to go to Share >> Get public link

If I past this link into the step called Check Progress/Collection Status, instead of getting a JSON object back, it returns HTML. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t think the training guides have been updated fully.

I think you need to click on the first option. “Get Collection JSON using Collection Access Key”.

This should generate an URL that starts with the following…

The second option will return the HTML that wraps around the collection to allow you to fork the collection. (It’s not a direct link pe se).