Forking label on environments (and collections) take up too much space

Whenever you fork an environment or collection then the UX puts the fork icon and label after the collection/environment name. The problems are twofold:

  • Only a developer who uses Git really understands the fork concept so this label provides no real value. A simple indicator icon (at best) would be sufficient.
  • Because fork labels are, by default, long you cannot see the full environment/collection name in the UX. You see en.... Blah's fork which makes navigating large sets of environments/collections difficult.

Leave forking as an implementation detail in Postman. In the UX don’t show this mostly useless information such that it obscures the important things like environment and collection names. At best use a tiny status icon and/or tooltip to show the extra information if anybody really cares.

Great idea! Feel free to fill out a feature request on GitHub :slight_smile: