Environments - Fork and Pull

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My question: I have a forked environment, and when I update the parent environment, I am unable to pull the changes to my forked environment. How can I get the changes from the environment whilst still maintaining a sandbox for my forked environment?

Details (like screenshots):
The original environments

The forked environments:

Context menu with no pull:

How I found the problem: I want to have our collection and environments shared between the teams - but with the team members able to change the forked collection/environments in a sandbox - and then being able to push said changes to the original collection/environments

I’ve already tried:
Sharing works - though there is no sandbox, make a change in a shared collection/environment and it is shared with the original collection/environment immediately. Fork + pull works for collections

Any help/direction would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,


The question is when will the pull/push feature go live for Environments?

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