How do I find out who did a Fork of my Collection

Hi - probably a beginner question but I can’t seem to find the answer via search here or Google:

How do I find out who did a Fork of my Collection?


Hi, I may tell you one way of letting know who forked the collection. For demonstrating this I used postman tool. Click on the ellipse button on the collection name, then click on ‘view change log’. Now the entire change log will be displayed for that particular collection on the right pane. Along with Change log we do have few other menus as well. Now you can click on “Fork”, there you can see the fork details of that particular collection, like ‘Fork label’, ‘Created by’ and ‘Created On’ in a tabular column.

If your collection doesn’t having forks, then you will get " No forks created yet" message

I hope this will help out


Screenshot 2022-11-17 090752