Flow -> Select Data: Wildcard possible?

I tried searching for “Flow Select Data” without many results

My question: How can I get Select Data to return the id: from every Result []?

Details (like screenshots): Select Data pre-fills the selection by using my Example Data, but I can’t get past Result without specifying the Result #:

Every Zone has an ID inside Result:

So this one is result[0], but I want a list of ids from result[0], result [1], etc.

How I found the problem: The output to Terminal either returns everything, or only the ID from the first Result.

I’ve already tried: I tried result/*/id, and result/[*]/, /0-20/, /[0-20]/. As many combinations as I could imagine.

With one curl command piped to jq -r .result[].id, I can parse them all out in one fell swoop.