Test creation Help

I’d like to create a test that gives me the same results as I get when doing a query under Visualize. The query is $…dclResponse.selectedDocuments.*.formId which returns a list like
My attempt at a test is this so far
pm.test(“Validate forms in order”, function () {
var jsonData = pm.response.json();

I don’t want to have to list them all individually, is there a way I can loop on the formId or something. Or check if the selectedDocuments contain a list of numbers?
Here is an example of my response
“id”: “7a3fc910-d1f7-4412-b9e5-b22143f7e462”,
“dataElements”:[{“key”: “L_GNL_ADDL_BORR_BorrowerEntityType.1_5a683bb1-a538-ea11-811d-0050568a326b”, “value”: “1”, “documentReferences”:[“DL6000”,…],
{“formId”: “DL2034”, “associations”:[{“suffix”: “1_5a683bb1-a538-ea11-811d-0050568a326b”,…},
{“formId”: “DL2137”, “associations”:[{“suffix”: “1_5a683bb1-a538-ea11-811d-0050568a326b”,…},
{“formId”: “DL2137”, “associations”:[{“suffix”: “2_c5ddc920-9746-ea11-811d-0050568a326b”,…},