Flows and html querying

Hi, I just started to use Flows and I am having trouble getting a value from a response.

I do a GET request to receive an HTML form. In this form there are a few input elements that I want to use the value of in my next request, so I first tried running javascript in the test and pre-scripts, to select the specific input element and store the value in a collection variable, and then use it again in the next request.

I found out that in Flows you can not store variables, so I can also not use the scripts to extract the data I want. I looked further and found out you can select the specific value in the variable of the request block as a so called path, but my problem there is that I can not see what is in all these fields as it is ugly html, and not a json object. So I can find the form and an input element, but I don’t know if I am selecting the right input and I also don’t see the other input I was looking for. I outputted the response with a log block to see what is where, but that is also a hell to click all the elements open in search for those two elements…

I also saw there was some structure like: $…body[?(@.id == ‘returnUrl’)] but How do I use this exactly.

I want to extract the input with id=‘returnUrl’ and use the value in it’s value attribute.
I also want the same for the input with name==‘__RequestVerificationToken’

I hope someone can help me out with this.