Flow process: chaining query

I am trying to make a chaining request using postman flow stuck in a process of reusing the consent after clicking authroisation url.
Process is:

  • Auth request return the auth URL
  • Auth URL is clicked returned the consent value on browser

Now want to reuse that consent value and add more flow to access like account details etc using the same consent.

Is there a way or trick to do that? And how any example would help

Thank you for your help in advance

Hey @punbijay :wave:

Welcome to the Postman community! :postman:

Could you provide a visual example of your flow please?

Have you created this same flow within a Collection?

Hello Danny,

Thank you and thank you for the speedy response as well.

Could you provide a visual example of your flow please?

Please see this video

After that process, I wanted to reuse the consent (token) displayed and extend the same flow to access more information instance: Account details, Account balance etc for which i am stuck and not sure how or if it is possible, so needing helping hands.

Have you created this same flow within a Collection?

Yes, The flow is within a collection.

Thank you very much again for the help in advance Danny and hoping you had a wonderful Christmas.
Please let know if need more from my end.

Hey @flows-daniel - Is anything that you could suggest here?

Is this scenario currently possible in flows?

Hi @punbijay

Generally authentication is done through a request or collection’s “Authorization” tab which handles the auth before a request executes. For auth types that aren’t supported there in Postman, unfortunately Flows doesn’t have a “pause” functionality currently that would wait for the auth piece before doing other things (this is a feature we’d like to have in the future though).

For now, if you do your authentication piece beforehand, and then save the consent in a Postman Environment you can use that environment in the requests of your flow.

Hello @flows-daniel

Thank you for the update.
Really helpful than banging onto something which is on the feature list pipelines.
Looking forward to that feature.

I will consider your option and play around will update.

Thank again for your time and expertise thought


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