Flows dropping variable fields on reloads

The requests in my flows in postman are mainly using ‘Inherit from Auth’.

My requests within flows include a token field which is connected via a ‘Get Variable’ to an original token request. Issue is, the token field gets dropped on every reload of postman, and I can only get it back if I individually trigger each request.

Is this a common issue? Or does anyone have a better way of managing auth tokens for flows?

Thank you.

Hi @ralphht

What type of auth are you performing?

In your auth flow are you using Postman’s Authorization tab on the parent level for your requests? The requests should inherit the token from the parent and be able to use that in the Flow.

I thought I am the only one facing this issue with auth tokens.

Hi @material-cosmologi16

Same question as above to you :slight_smile:

What type of auth are you performing and are you able to use Postman’s Authorization tab on requests for it?

Flows doesn’t currently have a way to persist data between runs without using a third party API (I do have a feature request open for this however).

Thanks @flows-daniel. I was using ‘Inherit from parent auth’, but I have since switched to Bearer Token and set it as an environment variable in the different requests. Within flows I am now extracting the variable from the token request and then ingesting it into the requests. So far no issues with this.

Additionally, something which wasn’t clear was how saving works for flows, which seemed inconsistent. Publishing it with a webhook after every few changes really helped.



I’m glad the auth piece is working for you now.

Regarding saving, do you mean you want the flow to be published in the cloud? Or you’re having issues saving locally and publishing the webhook fixes it?

Sorry for the late reply, if I do not publish to the cloud before closing, the flow isn’t being saved locally. I don’t know if this is intentional but it’s the behaviour I’m noticing.


  • Make change in the flow
  • Close postman
  • Open → changes aren’t applied

Hi @ralphht

That’s not the intended behavior. Flows auto-saves your work locally (if you intend to make changes to a deployed flow it needs to be re-deployed for each change).

Are you using the desktop app? If so, could you check the version? Gear icon → Settings → About

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