Firewalls, domains or IPs needed and Postman Monitoring, can you run Monitors on the Desktop client?

I set up some calls to some APIs we have running on an on-premise server.
We have the server so it can only be access by certain services on-premise.

We tried running the calls from the Postman browser client and the calls timed out, my assumptoin is because it is not in our network.
Error we get is:
“Cloud Agent Error: Couldn’t resolve host. Make sure the domain is publicly accessible or select a different agent. Use the desktop client”

We use the desktop client and the call of course works fine because we are on our local internal network and Postman does calls fine on our local internal network.
Well we have a monitoring task in the “Monitoring” section of Postman that is supposed to run the posts for our testing. The issue is, is our services are not publically available.

That said, I saw there was an article about the static IPs, but of course, we don’t have a Pro or Enterprise plan. That said, can we use the Desktop client to run the monitors? My assumption is not because most likely the Monitors are ran by the Cloud agent.
Can anyone confirm this for me?


Hey there! :wave:

I looked into this for you and was able to find some additional information that may prove helpful.

Unfortunately there does not appear to be a way for monitors to access private networks as they are run in the Postman cloud. As you had mentioned, static IPs could help overcome this issue but, again, they are also part of the Professional and Enterprise plans.