File name changed when submitted as form param?

Our API (Java/Spring) contains a file upload method. In the code, we scrape the incoming file name via “File.getName()”. This functions fine through other clients, but Postman seems to be proxying the file and renaming it via a temporary directory.

As uploaded, the file is named “/users/[me]/screenShot.jpg”. When we receive it in the code, it is “/var/folders/xy/nv3kt87s0qz62rycdbx54y4w0000gn/T/rep11056981533433645760tmp”.

Is this a Postman misstep, or something I should investigate on my machine? If it is PM, can I configure this to NOT happen, or to name the file something less cryptic?

I would be very surprised if Postman would be disclosing any client information with the request.

The path you are getting is most likely from the server where the file is temporary stored.