The file is lost from post request after reopening postman

Firstly I have created Request with file

The request worked.
The API responds 200
after Closing and opening the postman again, The postman UI shows that the file exist but in case of sending the request I am getting Error from the API that the request is without file.

The same issue is actual in case if duplicating the request.

Copied version the UI is shown that the file exist but in case of sending the request I got an error from the server that the file is missing

Have anyone come across with this issue or it is from the API (( ?

I think, either the file is not getting posted on the API or possibility that some changes made to the API (which is rare) after your successful response.

Also, is there a check on type of file on your API server? Can you share some more information please?

Yeah there is a check on file extension but the system shows that file does not exist, it means that postman didn’t send the file(it sends null instead)

This is quite unpredictable as I am just thinking about different possibilities, can you share some more information?

I come across to this issue for a long time, and finally I found the issue cause.
Thanks for your Time and Effort
The cause was as I select files from my local directory and didn’t put them in the postman’s root folder for files.

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