Fetch data for collection runner from api

Hi guys,
Is there a way to get test data from an external source like an api call (to fetch a csv file) or get file from an online location (like csv from online excel) so it can be used in collection runner? If it is possible would like to avoid adding this to collection variables (would be slow if I would have a 1000 lines for example and have to add it line by line). So best would be to download a file through api call, save it and use it.

Hi @maintenance-technol1

If you can download the CSV you can use it either via the runner or Newman.

Thanks but I do not want to do it manually. I want to fetch data from an api somehow, maybe using some pre request script? or just send some get and than use fetched file as data source for collection runner?

If the dataset is too large, you are right that it would not be recommended to store it as a variable.

In this case, the best thing you can do is to either manually download the CSV and import it in the collection runner, or use the Postman CLI or Newman to fetch the CSV and then run future requests with it.

Hi @Kevin
Thanks for Your answer. I used a Postman CLI and was able to get my csv file straight from Google Sheets.

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