Failed to import Open API spec file

I would like to import an OpenAPI(Swagger 2.0) spec file in Postman Collections.
But “There was an unexpected error.” popped up.

Data issue or Postman issue? What should I do?
Are there any log files about importing files?

The imported specification file was downloaded from the following site.
URL: NSX-T Data Center REST API - VMware API Explorer - VMware {code}
The Documents tab has files in two formats:

  • NSX Policy OpenAPI Spec - JSON
  • NSX Policy OpenAPI Spec - YAML

I found a page with a solution.

It seems that there was a description in the data that does not match the specifications of Postman’s input.
It still doesn’t work with the converted data, so it seems there are still other problems with the data.

It is not appropriate to ask you to correct the data here, so I will treat it as closed.

Thank you for reading.