Executing Postman Collection outside of Postman

Is there a way to use an API call to start running my Postman collection?

I have attempted to do this by moving my 2 part collection into a public workspace, & utilizing the collection ID in this format:
https://api.getpostman.com/collections/(CollectionID)/run but get a 404 error.

I’ve attempted to incorporate the api key as well but still gives me the 404 error.

Are there any other steps that need to happen before this can successfully execute my postman collection?

Any help is appreciated

Hey @mplante9 :wave:

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I’m not sure where you found this route? :thinking:


You can run a Collection from the Command Line using either the Postman CLI or Newman.

You could also create a Monitor and manually run it using this endpoint?


What’s your use case? How will this be incorporated into your workflow?

Hi @danny-dainton

I’m attempting to create a GAS to run the collection. I understand that GAS has API functionality but I am restricted by the lack of an SSL Certificate from our source site. I understand this is a risk, but our data is coming internally and were directed by our Argus reps that it would be ok.

My goal is to create a script in GAS to run my Postman scripts collection which calls the Argus data & returns it back to a spreadsheet.

I am open to solutions other than Postman, but I understand this is a site for Postman projects

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