Executing custom scripts/operations in Postman Flows

I have been using Postman Collection to automate extraction and parsing of body of API responses. This can be done via the Pre-request and Tests scripts that are executed before and after the Request is made.

I am able to perform tasks such as JWT Token Parsing, string manipulations, as well as various other checks. The values can then be passed on to a different Postman Request. (I understand variable modification is not supported in Postman Flows)

I do not see such capability in Postman Flows to execute such scripts. I am bounded by the Blocks that are available in Postman Flows.

My Question:

  1. How do I run custom scripts in Postman Flows as to pass on the calculated values to the next Block?

  2. How do I convert an extracted JSON string (e.g. ’ { “field1” : " value1", “field2” : “value2”}') back into a JSON object that can be read by a Postman Flows Block?

I’ve already tried:

  1. Can’t find a way to run custom javascripts

  2. Fed string ’ { “field1” : " value1", “field2” : “value2”}’ as input to Create Data block. Doesn’t detect it as a JSON object.

Current version:
Postman for Windows
Version 9.29.2
UI Version 9.29.2-ui-220818-1441
Desktop Platform Version 9.29.0
Architecture x64
OS Platform win32 10.0.19044

Here is documentation to pass along values to subsequent blocks. We’ve also tackled this challenge in a few livestreams this season, if you care to browse a live coding session.

Flows is currently a beta feature, so a lot of the discussion is being handled in this separate spot, if you want to speak directly to the team building Flows and provide your feedback: Discussions · postmanlabs/postman-flows · GitHub